EGO 52cm Battery Powered Lawn Mower


EGO 52cm Battery Powered Lawn Mower LM2135E-SP Includes 7.5Ah battery and rapid charger.

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Part of our Professional range, the LM2135E-SP mower has a large 52cm cutting capacity which is perfect for precision mowing of larger gardens and wider spaces. Self-propelled for your convenience, you can enjoy the benefits of the automatic variable cutting speed to help make your work a breeze. Leave petrol in the past and enjoy a cleaner, quieter and safer future. Sold as a kit, this cordless mower is provided with our 7.5Ah battery which can cut up to 1000sqm on a single charge, leaving your questions about run time in the past. The rapid charger also provided will get your battery recharged in 60 minutes, the fastest on the market. At only 26kg without the battery (7.5Ah battery weighs 2.9kg), the polypropylene deck provides a lightweight solution to your mowing needs. Less pressure on the lawn means less chance of damage during use, plus easier for you to go about your day-to-day with less stress and strain. The 6 cut-height settings mean you can get as close a cut as you wish, and you can mulch or collect (70L collection bag) to get your desired finish. Accessories also available: ABP2100D-E Mulching kit.

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