Aspen 2 Fuel – 1L


Aspen 2 Fuel – Fuel alternative for small engines – 1L

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Aspen 2 is an alkylate petrol sold ready-mixed, with two per cent of the total volume made up of Aspen’s fully-synthetic two-stroke oil. Aspen 2 can be used with a range of different kinds of air-cooled two-stroke engines. These kinds of engines can be found in the likes of chainsaws, clearing saws, power cutters or hedge trimmers.

Environmental impact – Aspen is made from renewable raw materials and has a lower impact on air quality and greenhouse gas emissions.

Health and safety – Aspen is a cleaner and safer alternative for users, as well as the environment as it does not contain benzene, a known carcinogen found in petrol.

Stability and longevity – Aspen fuels are known for their stability and resistance to degradation over time. This can lead to improved engine performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

Ethanol-free – this can be advantageous for smaller engines as ethanol can cause issues such as corrosion and deterioration of certain materials in fuel systems.